Week One


The Roberta Bondar Foundation is proud to announce the first Camp of the Week for the 2015 Summer Camp Bondar Challenge. The Glen Bernard Camp has been an active participant in the Bondar Challenge producing beautiful photographs year after year. We are excited to have them join us again this summer and cannot wait to see the photographs campers enter into the challenge.

Glen Bernard Camp of the Week

Glen Bernard Camp of the Week

From Glen Bernard Camp:

“Every summer, Glen Bernard eagerly participates in the Bondar Challenge! Our campers choose to be part of the program so their enthusiasm is contagious. We begin our Bondar Challenge with lessons on camera use, composition of a photo and the Bondar Challenge guidelines. Accompanied by staff, the campers venture out and take pictures. We work with them throughout their camp session so that they can critique their photos and have opportunities to revisit photography techniques and improve their skills.

Our campers are very proud of the photos they submit and remark on how they have found a new appreciation and perspective on the beauty of their surroundings.”

The Glen Bernard Camp


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