Boreal Fall

Dr. Bondar talks about making this image:

Location of Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Prince Albert National Park LINK

Boreal Fall captures a (Boreal) Forest Biome of aspen and tamarack, here in Autumn colours, standing in a wetlands ecosystem of fescue and sedge meadows.

Saskatchewan has these very beautiful Big Sky views. I try to take simple colors and the primary colours of blue sky and yellow tones are pleasing to the eye. Several sets of lines lead into this photo.

In autumn, all conifers retain their needles except the tamarack. One of the features that makes this image for me is the yellow of the tamarack. In this photograph you can see the three tree types starting with the exceptional tamarack in front of the black spruce in front of the leafless deciduous trees in the background. Cloud diffuses the sunlight and softens shadows.

Boreal Forest covers 25% of Canada’s landmass and is planet’s largest contiguous Boreal Forest. This park lies in a transition between large biomes of Forest and Grassland.

BIODIVERSITY CANADA’s Forest Biome resource

BIODIVERSITY CANADA’s Grasslands Biome resource

Province of Saskatchewan Flag

YES! This is Saskatchewan’s Flag… but are you up for a quick quiz about Saskatchewan’s other official symbols?

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