Blue Haiku

Dr. Bondar talks about making this image:

Location of Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick, Canada.

Kouchibouguac National Park LINK

Blue Haiku reveals a Coastal Biome in which barrier islands protect marine wetland ecosystems of sheltered lagoons and salt marshes.

In this image, the blue of both the water and swirl of sand is the reflected colour of the indigo sky after sunset. Monochromatic bands and rectangles of blues move their luminescence upward.

In this light, after sunset, looking away from the sun to the east from the shoreline of Kouchibouguac [Mi’kmaq for “river of long tides”] National Park, one can see across to the South Dune in the distance and beyond that, the Atlantic Ocean. Here in New Brunswick, dunes formed approximately15,000 years ago. The two major dunes protect long lagoons, heated by the Gulf Stream, and the inner shores from Atlantic storms and surges.

Were it not for these sand dunes that have been stabilized with marram grass, the pounding waves of the ocean would disrupt the peaceful inner water and beach in the foreground. Water erosion would change the size and quality of life along the shoreline.

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