White Mysteries

The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Runner-Up

Name: Gurangad Singh Batth

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: White Mysteries


Location: A trail near Millstone Drive (Brampton, Ontario)
Weather: Sunny


Nature is such a beautiful thing, it harbours plants that can cure unknown diseases yet hold plants that can be its worst enemies. As I was walking through the trail I saw this beautiful tree and I instantly wanted to capture it . I decided that I am going to use it for the Bondar challenge . The reason I chose this photograph out of the many others I took, is because of the colour combination and the contrast. At first I thought it was a type of cherry blossom but I was not quite sure. I did some research and tried to find what I had taken a picture of, but I couldn’t find anything. Soon after, the question of the identity of this tree drove me to the name that I decided to give this photograph, “White Mysteries”. This truly describes how nature is, as there are always some things that remain mysteries to uncover.
When I look at this image it makes me feel safe, peaceful, refreshed and joyful. The reason I feel all those emotions are because of the colour combinations. The white flowers make you feel at peace, the green leaves make you feel refreshed, all while the deep blue sky makes you feel free. It’s amazing how one photograph can make you feel so many things. When you look at the photograph you look at the first set of flowers, then you notice that there is another set of flowers in the background that are blurred. It is easier for the eye to focus on the photograph because if there was no blur the photograph would be busy and hard to understand.
If I took this photograph in winter there would be no flowers and the tree would be covered in snow. If I took this photograph at sunset or early night the picture would have more shadows and contrast, and the color of the sky would be different. I believe that I took this photograph at the right time. As the blue sky makes the flower stand out and the weather makes the flowers more vibrant. This tree is truly a mystery to me.

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