The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Honourable Mention

Name: Yash Chhabbaria

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Together


Time: November, 6, 2019
Weather at the time of photograph: sunny/cloudy winter day
Type of camera used: Picasa camera
Location: Thomas Anderson Pond


When I was at the Thomas Anderson Pond I was looking to capture a photo that stands out. I found things like leaves and grass, but I chose a tree instead. That’s because I really liked how the colour of the tree and how it stands out the most. This pine tree was massive! When I was taking the photo of this tree I saw the difference between taking a photo while standing and going down on my knees. I thought going down on my knees was better than standing up. So I got down on my knees to take the picture that gave a better view and zoomed in so the photo could be clear. Also, I saw how most pinecones on the tree were together. That’s where I got an idea to name my photo Together. I really liked how most of the pines were together, like family and friends.
Also, as I said the colors are very appealing. Green makes you think about beautiful landscapes and mountains. This colour makes anyone feel relaxed because as I said this makes you think about landscapes. Also in the background you can see a bit of the sky. This makes you think about the different types of weather such as rain, sunshine, snow, and autumn. This can also be connected to feelings from different opinions. For example sunny weather makes the human body dehydrated because of heat, rainy weather makes the human body feel hungry, autumn makes the human body feel good because it is nice and breezy, winter/snowy weather makes the human body feel sick because of how cold it is.
Finally as you know I named my photo together and you know why. There is one more reason I named it together and that’s because the pinecones are together like friends and family. I think this is a good message that friends and family should always be together to support each other. If friends and family help each other solutions can be easier to find.

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