The Climb

The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Winner

Name: Jaskirat Matharu

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: The Climb


Time: May 22nd, 2020
Weather at time of photograph : Sunny Spring Day
Type of Camera used : iPhone 11 Pro Max
Camera settings: Natural sunlight, portrait mode, -37 contrast, 22 brightness
Location: Train tracks near Pantomine Boulevard


When capturing my image, I made sure to take my picture in a way that would create harmony. Harmony is when an image looks pleasant to the eye using aspects of unity and complexity. A picture that is unified uses analogous colours. I used analogous colours as the leaves on the tree are on the spectrum of green, ranging from green to yellow-green to white. This creates unity as the colours are connected to each other. Also I used the technique of framing so that the picture would not be complicated. I focused on framing the snail in the picture as the focal point. I also incorporated the use of texture since there is texture in the leaves and the branch of the tree. Texture gives an image a more 3D appearance.
My image is connected to biodiversity and the seasons. My picture is a part of the forest biome since there are trees and flowers. This biome has animals that come out during the spring and summer, just like the snail in the picture. As the spring emerges, snails and other insects are brought out to the environment. In this time, birds migrate back, flowers begin to blossom and animals come out of hibernation. My picture captures this idea, since you can see the snail that begins to emerge and climb up the tree, while the flowers are blooming in the background.
Finally, I chose this picture because it was pleasing to the eye. I like that there is something I can focus on in the picture which is the snail. Focusing on this one part of the picture, is pleasing to the eye since there aren’t a lot of objects to be distracted by. I also chose this picture because the colours complement each other and gave off a summer vibe. These colours also remind me of nature which gives me a calm feeling. I decided to name the picture “The Climb” since the snail is climbing up the tree. The climb symbolizes the strength it takes to overcome obstacles.

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