Scenery of Life

The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Runner-Up

Name: Arjaan Gill

School Name: David Leeder Middle School

Title: Scenery of Life


Time: May, 1, 2020.   5:07 PM.
Weather at the time of photograph: Sunny. 12 degrees celsius.
Type of camera used: iPhone 7.
Camera settings: Photo mode on iPhone 7
Location: Conservation Area.


The goal of the photograph (e.g., what the entrant had in mind when the photograph was taken and whether or not the goal was achieved): The goal was achieved and the goal was to get a clear image of the Conservation Area and to show the world how beautiful planet earth is.

The emotional connection the entrant has with the photograph: How pollution has affected the Conservation Area.

The artistic aspect of the photo (e.g., how the composition makes it an appealing image to the student (e.g., lines, colours, textures): How it shows the beauty of our planet that other people don’t see.

The scientific aspect of the photo: what fact, natural process or principle that is included or at work in the image; the Biome and/or Ecozone presented in the photo: There are living and non living creatures that call the Conservation Area their home.

Artist’s Critique (e.g., how the photograph could be improved, e.g. with a different point of view, by getting closer or farther away, through a different time of day or type of sky, in a different season): Pollution free water.

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