Purple Party

The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Runner-Up

Name: Abhishek Vinil

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Purple Party


Time: 12:00pm May 20th 2020
Weather: light breeze


The reason I took this picture and named it “Purple Party” was because it reminds me of a party since there could be a lot of invited friends or family members at a party, and since all of the flowers are purple coloured I added Purple in my title. I also chose this picture because of the way the colour of this flower changes depending on where this flower is positioned. For example, the flower appears to be a nice darkish-purple when it is in the shadow, and it appears light bluish-purple in the sunlight.
I took my picture at noon when there was a light breeze because in the morning at around 8:00 it was pretty sunny and I noticed that there was no difference with the colours since there was no shade compared to at noon. I also chose to take this picture on May 20 because during noon it wasn’t too windy for the flowers to be blowing away or moving back and forth.
I like this picture because it is about nature and how beautiful the flower is without adding anything extra. This picture relates to biodiversity because it is about flowers and flowers help bees and other insects by feeding them nectar, and also humans because we can use them to create some medicines to help us. One of my composition tips was including a focal point because my whole picture is based on the purple flowers. One composition tip I didn’t find helpful was shooting from a lower angle because then I wouldn’t be able to see much of the beautiful flower from underneath so instead I took the picture from above.

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