Peace Beside The Creek

The Bondar Challenge
Ruby Runner-Up

Name: Ibrahim Farrukh

School Name: David Leeder Middle School

Title: Peace Beside The Creek


Time: May 19th 4:55pm
Weather at the time of photograph: Sunny
Type of camera used: iPhone XR
Camera settings: Default settings
Handheld (with stability software)
Location: Levi Creek


The goal of the photograph (e.g., what the entrant had in mind when the photograph was taken and whether or not the goal was achieved): The goal of he photograph was to get a nice photo that looks appealing.

The emotional connection the entrant has with the photograph: I like sitting here to take my mind off things.

The artistic aspect of the photo (e.g., how the composition makes it an appealing image to the student (e.g., lines, colours, textures): The sun was casting a beautiful ray over the water to which personally I found appealing.

The scientific aspect of the photo: what fact, natural process or principle that is included or at work in the image; the Biome and/or Ecozone presented in the photo: The water in the creek looks very nice and the photo was taken in a forest at Levi Creek.

Artist’s Critique (e.g., how the photograph could be improved, e.g. with a different point of view, by getting closer or farther away, through a different time of day or type of sky, in a different season): I could try a different angle or try to not make it that bright.

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