I May Sting But I’m Beautiful

The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Honourable Mention

Name: Bhavya Modi

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: I May Sting, But I’m Beautiful


Time: 03:00 PM May 25, 2020
Weather at time of photograph: Sunny
Type of camera: 12 MP camera with autofocus(Iphone 8)
Camera Setting: Manual
Location: Brampton, ON


When I came back from India and we were done unpacking I thought maybe I should try to take more photos for the challenge and so I set out to my backyard hoping to get my picture. I saw lots of bugs and then got lots of good insect photos but they were really plain and thought I needed something with more colour.
To take the photo was a challenge because every time I got close the bee kept on flying away so I had to be quick yet mindful of the photography compositions. I used a higher viewpoint to take my picture from above since I couldn’t get too close, but wanted to fill the frame with a close up of the bee and the flower. My picture has colour as the green compliments the yellow and makes it brighter.
I chose the name “I May Sting But I’m Beautiful” because Bee can sting you with their stinger but they only sting because they feel threatened so most people are scared of bees and don’t like them because they sting but the name says that they are still beautiful creatures.
Also I chose to take a picture of a bee because bee’s are going extinct so I thought I could show my message about bees. I hope my Photo and My photos name help send the message to not hurt bee because they are important creatures.

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