Hidden Beauty of Nature

The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Honourable Mention

Name: Mannat Gill

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: The Hidden Beauty of Nature


Time: 1:17 PM May 20, 2020
Weather at time of photograph: Sunny
Type of camera used: iPhone
Camera settings: Auto
Location: In my backyard


When I was in my backyard, I noticed my tree with light lavender flowers and then suddenly I got the idea of taking my tree’s photo for the challenge. I wanted to take my tree’s photo because I knew that my photo would be attractive since the flowers had a popping colour. Also because the sky behind it also looks slightly attractive. Since both of the main colours were contrasting each other,I realized the picture would be amazing
Next, I started taking photos randomly until I discovered an angle that looked the best. I took the photo again but this time I got the flower to be on the side so the sky can also be clearly seen. Since the flower was higher than me, I was standing when I took the picture. I took the photo from the bottom so you can see more details of the flowers. When I was taking the photo, I realized the flowers were in a really good position.
It was also really sunny while I was taking the photo with so the sun made the picture come out better because the sky looked more clear and beautiful. The sun also helped me get better lighting when I was taking the photo. When I was getting the picture, I wanted the perfect one so it took me a while to take the picture. When I was trying to get the perfect shot, I was kind of worried the flowers were going to turn out messy but they turned out perfect.
Lastly, I chose this picture from the rest because it looked different from the rest. I also put more effort into this photo because the angle was really good from what I saw. My brother also told me to choose this photo because it was better than the others. Overall, I think this photo is really beautiful and unique.

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