Glimpse of Spring

The Bondar Challenge
Ruby Winner

Name: Ajuni Sodhi

School Name: David Leeder Middle School

Title: Glimpse of Spring


Time: Wednesday, 5th, May, 2020 Time: 4:09pm
Weather at the time of photograph: Sunny
Type of camera used: An Iphone 6 camera.
Camera settings: Auto
Location: In my front yard.


The goal of the photograph (e.g., what the entrant had in mind when the photograph was taken and whether or not the goal was achieved):

My goal was to show contrast in season and my goal was achieved.

The emotional connection the entrant has with the photograph:

I love everything about the change in seasons. Be it Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall, or even Fall to Winter.

The artistic aspect of the photo (e.g., how the composition makes it an appealing image to the student (e.g., lines, colours, textures):

The texture and the subtle colours of the photograph.

The scientific aspect of the photo: what fact, natural process or principle that is included or at work in the image; the Biome and/or Ecozone presented in the photo:

It depicts the life cycle of a plant. From a dried leaf to a flower that brings in life.

Artist’s Critique (e.g., how the photograph could be improved, e.g. with a different point of view, by getting closer or farther away, through a different time of day or type of sky, in a different season)

The photograph could be improved by the photo being taken in the winter with snow all over the dried up plant, and in the rainy weather, the image capturing fresh rain droplets.

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