A Flight Unheard

The Bondar Challenge
Ruby Runner-Up

Name: Shreya Sharma

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: A Flight Unheard


Time: 08/17/2019 at 02:14 P.M.
Weather at time of photograph: Sunny
Camera settings: Auto
Location: Brampton, ON


I took this photo because when I saw that a bee was pollinating flowers, it instantly reminded me of all of the things that go on in our world that we don’t ever notice. In this picture, a bee in my backyard was going from flower to flower collecting nectar, and spreading pollen to other flowers in the process, which helps produce more plants and trees. Without me ever noticing, this tiny creature was helping plants grow and strengthening our ecosystem.
In my image, I tried to use a few different elements to add some interest to my photo.   Some of these elements are repetition in the flower petals, negative space to put the flower and the bee into focus so the viewers’ attention goes there first, the rule of odds in the petals, colour to make the flower stand out against the leaves in the background, and patterns on the petals. Also, there is a drop of water on the flower, which makes you wonder what the weather is, as it looks sunny. Additionally, if you notice the legs of the bee, they have a lot of pollen on them which makes viewers curious about how many flowers the bee has already pollinated.
My photo shows the type of environment in which bees live. This photo was taken in my backyard and shows that you don’t have to go far, but look where you are to find magic.
While taking this photo, I could already feel a connection after discovering that there’s so much that we still have to explore; we just have to be curious. Bees are an essential part of our environment as they help the growth of plants and trees. It is important to acknowledge this as we don’t usually pay attention to them and put harmful substances such as pesticides on our flowers which is extremely dangerous for them. This is slowly leading to the extinction of bees. If we take steps now such as planting bee-friendly flowers and leaving out water for them to drink, we can help their population grow.
Some things that I can improve in my photo are taking it from a different view to provide another perspective, and to remove the rotten leaf from the top of my picture.
In conclusion, we should try to help our environment instead of destroying it and to light up curiosity from within to help us appreciate our surroundings and explore nature further.

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