The Bondar Challenge
Ruby Runner-Up

Name: Hafsa Ali

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Fireworks


Time: November 20,2019 3:24
Weather at time of photograph: Sunny and Windy
Camera settings: Auto
Location: Roberta Bondar Public School Property


I took this photograph because I liked Colour Combination (Green and Orange) leaves. I liked the way the sun was hitting on the leaves and there was shade on the ground which made the leaves shine and I named it Fireworks.
It is a Blue Spruce tree. It is Native to North America. It was discovered in 1862 in the Rocky Mountains. It can grow up to 127 to 190cm and grow 30 to 60 cm per year. It is a home to birds (e.g) siskins and Crossbills. They can survive in winters but can not survive in extreme heat. In the Wild, they can live more than 200 years and in homelands 40 to 60 years.
This was one of the first photos I took. This photo can make you happy because of the colours and brightness. Since I call it fireworks, they are used when there is a celebration (joyful moments). It was Fall so the leaves on the ground started to turn Orange and Green leaves came together beautifully. The texture of the Photograph is sharp and smooth at the same time. The sharpness comes from the leaf corner and the smoothness comes from the sunlight hitting the parts of the leaves. The focus point are the leaves.

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