Bubble Puddle

The Bondar Challenge
Ruby Winner

Name: Shivam Amati

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Bubble Puddle


Time: November 27 2019 (4:30 pm)
Weather at time of photograph: Partly Cloudy
Camera settings: Auto
Location: Roberta Bondar Public School Property, Brampton


When I was taking this photograph, I wanted a great shot because it really made me think about how life would be for creatures smaller than us. For us, it may look like a small puddle but to them, it’s like a lake. I wanted to get a perfect shot because the moment I saw this particular puddle, I was amazed and it got me closer to nature and really made me think deeply about the beauty of nature.
My photo was interesting because there was an aspect of grass and water. It looked appealing because of the bubbly texture on the grass and water. I positioned myself in a laying down position, so that the puddle could look big as one of my main objectives while taking this picture was to show it like the perspective of a small creature. Also, lying down and taking a picture like this would help the viewer feel like they are experiencing what’s inside the photograph.
This photograph almost follows the rule of thirds vertically and horizontally. One third of the photo is grass, one third of the photo is water and the last third of the photo is grass and water so there is also a balance in the elements. The focal point of this photograph is the puddle of the water as it stands out and is appealing to the eye once first seen. Also, the bubbly texture gives it a very nice affect, which also helps contribute to making it the focal point of this photograph.
The area this photo has been taken has been at Roberta Bondar Public School near a wet grass area, which also includes a forest biome nearby. I took this picture during the afternoon and the weather was partly cloudy.
My photograph could have been improved if I had waited until sunset, so the sun wouldn’t have blocked half of the puddle.

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