Blooming Spring Flowers

The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Runner Up

Name: Sheza Khan

School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Blooming Spring Flowers


Time: Thursday, May 21st, 4:26pm
Weather: sunny with a few clouds, 20-16c
Type of Camera Used: phone
Camera settings: Auto


A photography tip I used is simplicity because the main subject of the photo is clear and not hidden. The main subject of the photo is the flowers. Also, I used the rule of thirds because there was a frame on my photo, there would be one part of my main subject that would be in the lines that meet.
I chose this photo because the flower caught my eye and I liked how it looks. Also, I chose this picture because it was sunny and there was good lighting in the photo. The flower was very bright which made it better. In psychology, pink is a calming and positive colour.
Lastly, I chose this picture because it has green and pink and green and pink look good together. Also, this picture makes me think of all the types of flowers there are because I was looking for the name of the flower but I could not find it. My teacher knew what it is though, it is a Dhalia.

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