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First School-Wide Bondar Challenge


The following are the Winners of the First School-Wide Bondar Challenge program that took place in the Island Public/Natural Science School, Toronto. That’s 11 classes totalling 262 students ranging from K through 6th grade. That’s 262 students who composed 524 photographs!

Dr. Roberta Bondar honoured World Migratory Bird Day Weekend at the Island Public/Natural Science School to recognize its completion of this School-wide First.

These images may be featured in the Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience at selected venues in Canada and internationally.

Congratulations to all participants. Please click on a photo to see enlarged view.

The award winning images presented below have been arranged by Grade level groups. A quick link to a specific grade level with its winning images is available from the links in this Table of Contents:

Winning Images from Kindergarten to Grade 6

Grades 1 and 2
Grades 3 and 4
Grades 4 and 5
Grades 5 and 6


KINDERGARTEN: three classrooms

Winner: “Lucy” by Natalia S.

Winner – “Lucy” by Natalia S

Winner: “Big Tree” by Zia E.

Winner – “Big Tree” by Zia E

Winner: “Banana Peel” by Isabelle P.

Winner – “Banana Peel” by Isabelle P

Winner: “Bean Rocks” by Oliver H.

Winner – “Bean Rocks” by Oliver H

Winner: “Tree-e” by Lucas C.

Winner – “Tree-e” by Lucas C

Winner: “Chickadee” by Olive T.

Winner – “Chickadee” by Olive T



GRADES 1 / 2: four classrooms

Winner: “The Tree of Trees” by George A.

Winner – “The Tree of Trees” by George A

Winner: “Water” by Desmond H.

Winner – “Water” by Desmond H

Winner: “Stump” by Alexander V.

Winner – “Stump” by Alexander V

Winner: “In the Shadow of the Owl” by Bastijn D.

Winner – “In the Shadow of the Owl” by Bastijn D

Winner: “Fluffy Nest” by Shailen T.

Winner – “Fluffy Nest” by Shailen T

Winner: “Bird in a Tree” by Kaden R.

Winner – “Bird in a Tree” by Kaden R

Winner: “Snowy Flower” by Reya R.

Winner – “Snowy Flower” by Reya R

Winner: “Windy Waves” by Alexis C.

Winner – “Windy Waves” by Alexis C

Winner: “Marshmallow Woods” by Amina M.

Winner – “Marshmallow Woods” by Amina M



GRADES 3 / 4: two classrooms

Winner: “Up in the Sky” by Ana M.

Winner – “Up in the Sky” by Ana M

Winner: “The Beach” by Sydney M.

Winner – “The Beach” by Sydney M

Winner: “Wavy Waves” by Kingston J.

Winner – “Wavy Waves” by Kingston J

Winner: “Sky Light” by Hailey P.

Winner – “Sky Light” by Hailey P



GRADE 4 / 5: one classroom

Winner: “Up, Up, Up!” by Ireal S.

Winner – “Up, Up, Up!” by Ireal S

Winner: “Maze of Trees” by Milena M.

Winner – “Maze of Trees” by Milena M



GRADE 5 / 6: one classroom

Winner: “Shatter” by Dylan C.

Winner – “Shatter” by Dylan C

Winner: “Above and Beyond” by Liza R.

Winner – “Above and Beyond” by Liza R

Winner: “Stump Labyrinth” by Tilley T.

Winner – “Stump Labyrinth” by Tilley T

Winner: “Great Tree” by Emmy G.

Winner – “Great Tree” by Emmy G



School-Wide Bondar Challenge Winners

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