Thorns Don’t Tell Us Who We Are


The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Runner-Up


Name: Angad Bains
School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Thorns Don’t Tell Us Who We Are

Time: 11:30 AM November 8, 2018
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Biome: Grassland with trees and wetland
Location: Thomas Anderson Pond


When I was walking around the Thomas Anderson Pond looking for a good shot I found a brown spiky teasel with a ball that was completely isolated from the other species of its kind. I thought about how nobody likes them and always avoids them, however I could see that even though they can stick to your clothes and annoy you they still looked really cool and the fact that it was completely isolated made it even cooler than it would be great for using the rule of viewpoint.

After that I decided to use the rule of thirds and keep the subject at the side of the photograph instead of centering it in the middle of the photo. I also decided to use some perspective by getting down on my knees so it would make the teasel more appealing because from underneath you can actually see the amazing details of the plant.

The final reason that I chose this photograph was because of its amazing texture that you could see and because of that, the picture looked so distinctive. In fact, I even zoomed it in as much as I could to make its texture even more visible, because when you think about these plants they have a texture that is nothing like those of others.

I really did think that this plant can remind all of us about something that has taken place at sometime in our lives, as unfortunately we all must have felt left out at some point just the same way that this plant was left out from it’s species. It can teach us all a lesson about how we all have feelings and no one should ever have to feel as if they don’t belong.


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