Painted with Fire


The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Winner


Name: Atmana Gill
School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Painted with Fire

Time: November 14, 2018
Weather and time photograph was taken: Sunny winter day
Camera settings: Automatic, zoom, landscape
Area image was taken: Lewis Pond, Brampton


In this image I used colour theory because I know that colours red, orange and yellow are very appealing colours to your eyes I know this because normally when you look at a fire you feel warm,cozy and safe I used this in consideration of what colour I would like to have in my image. I also used leading lines because the black sticks/branches are leading to the leaves that are the main focus of the image. Finally I used rule of thirds because the main focus of the image which is the big black branch that connects into all the leaves at the front of the image is placed where the lines intersect on the grid.

Next, this image is also connected to biodiversity because this image was taken in a very cold season in the cycle of weather. Also you can see how the sun and the colours of the leaves are very bright and vibrant because the season was autumn and that is the season where leaves change colour. This picture definitely embodies the season of autumn because of its bright colour that does have a resemblance to fire. The tree that was in this image was very beautiful and the sky was a nice shade of blue with a white cloud going by. This picture is connected with biodiversity because it was taken in a habitat that has very bright colours and is surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Finally I chose this picture because when i looked at it, it gave me a nice, warm feeling that made me feel safe. It also uses amazing, bright, vibrant colours that attract my eye and drew my eye to the image. Even if not looking at the main focus which is the tree and the leaves the sky looks really bright and is a very cool shade of sky blue and the white fluffy cloud makes there have so many varieties of colour.


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