Hidden Relationships


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Name: Avneet Kabli
School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Hidden Relationships

Time: 4:30 PM October 30, 2018
Weather at time photograph was taken: Sunny, cold
Camera settings: Auto
Location: Roberta Bondar Public School, Brampton


In my photo, I wanted a different view of the sky with trees leading in. Since it was autumn, most of the time it would be windy and cloudy. However, this day the weather was sunny and cold, which was the perfect day to take my photograph. At the end, I ended up finding two very different trees facing towards each other.

The two trees in my photograph is a red maple tree and a green aspen tree. The colours was these trees are interesting because of the vibrant colour combination with the red, green and blue. These colours really pop out and caught my eye while taking the photograph. Also according to softschool.com, some people believe that life’s mysteries can be revealed by careful listening of the sound produced by trembling leaves of aspen. This relates to my photograph and personal meaning by how we need to support each other and think about those hidden relationships we first don’t realize. Everyone you meet has something to offer.

This photograph got me thinking about how the leafs are represented as us and our own lives. How we are all are different and have different thoughts, opinions and beliefs. However in the end, we all are same at heart and make a connection when we meet. This world wouldn’t have been unique if everyone was the same. Showing and teaching ourselves the importance of being fair to one another and taking the time to understand someone. In this world, we need to hope to take consideration about being hopeful and grateful. Knowing that we all have the rights to express ourselves in our own way. Always having a good mindset, knowing someone is there for us and cares about us. In my photograph, not all the leaves are close than others. To me, that means that everyone can express and talk to others in their own pace and time. This brings it back to acknowledging and respecting everyone’s opinions, beliefs and privacy because at the end you have no idea or control on what they are going through. This little feeling of kindness you can give a person can change their mindset towards others and you.


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