Crying Leaf


The Bondar Challenge
Emerald Runner-Up


Name: Tanraj Ranu
School Name: Roberta Bondar Public School

Title: Crying Leaf

Time: 10:45 AM November 8, 2018
Weather at time of photograph: It had rained and snowed but was sunny when the picture was taken.
Camera settings: Auto
Location: Lewis Pond, Brampton


When I took this photo I just wanted to get an up close shot. I tried to take the picture so it wouldn’t have too much colour in the background. I also wanted the picture to be a little gloomy to represent sadness, fear and loneliness. I played with the shot by experimenting with side and birds eye view, hoping that the viewpoint would make the photo seem a little more interesting.

To make my photograph appealing I framed the picture by centering the yellow leaf. The crying leaf is a little off center but is still the focal point of the image. Colour combinations in the background have some bright and poppy colours which is attractive to the viewer. On top of that, the areas where there are black holes and spots do a good job at representing the changes between emotions (happy-sad).

The main type of biome I took my photograph in was a Wetland that has a mixture of water, grasses and trees. The location is Lewis Pond. My picture shows how different and excluded the leaf is. In my photograph It is lonely and crying because it is a different race (a lighter colour) than the other leaves.

There is so much natural beauty in the world and this photo that I took can represent that because of how unique and special it is. My photograph can also represent the way biodiversity and nature is so special and that we should try to make a little room everyday to appreciate it. Also in addition, my photograph can show how even a simple leaf can be outstanding but might not get a lot of love like people having many friends but still getting bullied or abused.

This photo can be improved if I changed the angle and possibly made the photo a little darker so it represents more sadness. In conclusion, we should always accept everyone in the human world and the biodiversity world too!


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