The Bondar Challenge
Diamond Level

Name: Samara Mikaluk
Age: 12
Camp Name: Strathcona Wilderness Centre

Title of My Photograph: Resting

Time: 3:29 PM Thursday, August 3, 2017

Weather: Sunny
Location: In an area with natural flowers growing
Main Type of Biome: Forest

Camera Model: Sony Cybershot
Camera: Handheld Camera Settings: Auto
ISO: 80
Shutter Speed: 1/320 Aperture: F / 4.6
Lens: Telephoto

I took this photo because: I loved how the dragonfly was sharp and still. I just loved it. The combination of colour and light immediately get you to focus on the subject, the dragonfly. The photo’s appeal is that it creates a sort of calming mood, like relaxation or comfort. (The dragonfly was also a great model).

To make my photography appealing I used: Framing, Rule of thirds, Focal point of interest, Colour combinations, Depth of field.

A question I have about the subject of my photograph is: Why is the dragonfly sitting on this flower? The answer to my question is: I don’t entirely know but I think he’s relaxing while looking for an insect to eat.

To improve my photo, I would wait for a different light.


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