Winners 2017
Summer Camp Bondar Challenge


The following are the Winners of the Bondar Challenge program held at summer camps across Canada in 2017. These images may be featured in the Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience at selected venues in Canada and internationally.

Congratulations to all participants. Please click on a photo to see enlarged view.

The award winning images presented below have been arranged by participating camps and GEM card categories, which reflect the degree of difficulty in completing one of the four levels of the Bondar Challenge.

Emerald Levelentry level or beginner
Ruby Level
Sapphire Level
Diamond Level most experienced, most difficult

A quick link to a specific summer camp with its winning images is available from the links in this Table of Contents:

Summer Camps with Winning Images

Camp Centennial
Camp Potlatch
Camp Tamarack
Camp Tanamakoon
Camp Tawingo
Centauri Summer Camp
Girl Guide Doe Lake Camp
Girl Guide Ma-Kee-Wa Camp
Red Pine Camp
Strathcona Wilderness Camp
YMCA Camp Kanannaq
YWCA Camp Tapawingo



First place Ruby: “O’Canada” by Isabella Pavan, Age 12.

First Place Ruby – “O’Canada” by Isabella Pavan

Second place Ruby: “Nature” by Blake Rawlyk, Age 10.

Second Place Ruby – “Nature” by Blake Rawlyk

Third place Ruby: “The Rocks” by Gabe Peterson McIntyre, Age 12.

Third Place Ruby – “The Rocks” by Gabe Peterson McIntyre

Runner-up Ruby: “It’s A Bird” by Kali Puderak, Age 11.

Runner-up Ruby – “It’s A Bird” by Kali Puderak

First place Diamond: “Emotional River” by Brooklyn Devlin, Age 10.

First Place Diamond – “Emotional River” by Brooklyn Devlin

First place Sapphire: “View Level” by Xariah Fleary, Age 13.

First Place Sapphire – “View Level” by Xariah Fleary

Honourable Mentions Ruby are:
“Hungry Deer” by Evan Drezet, Age 10 and “Nature” by Miheret Lamb, Age 12.

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Hungry Deer” by Evan Drezet

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Nature” by Miheret Lamb

Honourable Mentions Diamond are:
“Mountain Splash” by Emma Raithby, Age 11 and “Crab Fins” by Michael Dunphy, Age 13.

Honourable Mention Diamond – “Mountain Splash” by Emma Raithby

Honourable Mention Diamond – “Crab Fins” by Michael Dunphy




Each of the following entries contains an Artist’s Statement from the photographer.

First place Diamond: “Resting” by Samara Mikaluk, Age 12.

First Place Diamond – “Resting” by Samara Mikaluk
Artist’s Statement from the photographer.

First place Ruby: “Damaged Beauty” by Rayne Dzioba, Age 12.

First Place Ruby – “Damaged Beauty” by Rayne Dzioba
Artist’s Statement from the photographer.

First place Sapphire: “Just Bee-Cause” by Markus Henze, Age 13.

First Place Sapphire – “Just Bee-Cause” by Markus Henze
Artist’s Statement from the photographer.

Honourable Mention Sapphire: “Closet Monster” by Keegan Arndt, Age 13.

Honourable Mention Sapphire – “Closet Monster” by Keegan Arndt
Artist’s Statement from the photographer.




First place Diamond: “Water On A Leaf” by Charlotte Baader, Age 11.

First Place Diamond – “Water On A Leaf” by Charlotte Baader

First place Ruby: “Coral Of The Woods” by Johanna Stockli, Age 11.

First Place Ruby – “Coral Of The Woods” by Johanna Stockli




First place Ruby: “Untitled” by Rowan Gatensby, Age 13.

First Place Ruby – “Untitled” by Rowan Gatensby

Second place Ruby: “Summer Sunset” by Arianna Dowds, Age 12.

Second Place Ruby – “Summer Sunset” by Arianna Dowds




First place Ruby: “Frog” by Joshua Bearg.

First Place Ruby – “Frog” by Joshua Bearg

First place Emerald: “Untitled” by Abi Franceschetti, Age 13.

First Place Emerald – “Untitled” by Abi Franceschetti




First place Ruby: “Bark” by Edward O’Neill, Age 12.

First Place Ruby – “Bark” by Edward O’Neill

Second place Ruby: “Fleurs” by Mathéo Girouard, Age 10.

Second Place Ruby – “Fleurs” by Mathéo Girouard




First place Sapphire: “Pitter, Patter, Pattern” by Claire Schouela, Age 9.

First Place Sapphire – “Pitter, Patter, Pattern” by Claire Schouela

Second place Sapphire: “Tree Turns To Log” by Kathryn Nicol, Age 15.

Second Place Sapphire – “Tree Turns To Log” by Kathryn Nicol

First place Ruby: “Water Grass And Sky” by Bryn Maguire, Age 9.

First Place Ruby – “Water Grass And Sky” by Bryn Maguire




First place Ruby: “Untitled” by A. Skeggs.

First Place Ruby – “Untitled” by A. Skeggs

Second place Ruby: “Untitled” by M. Maclean

Second Place Ruby – “Untitled” by M. Maclean




First place Emerald: “Drifting Daisy” by Jemma Bhatia-Wallace, Age 8.

First Place Emerald – “Drifting Daisy” by Jemma Bhatia-Wallace

Second place Emerald: “Finger Fungus” by Margot Carey, Age 9.

Second Place Emerald – “Finger Fungus” by Margot Carey




First place Sapphire: “A Mossy Crevice” by Kyra Reed, Age 14.

First Place Sapphire – “A Mossy Crevice” by Kyra Reed

Second place Sapphire: “Froggy By The Pond” by Sarah Graham, Age 14.

Second Place Sapphire – “Froggy By The Pond” by Sarah Graham

First place Emerald: “Interesting” by Maeve Roberts, Age 9.

First Place Emerald – “Interesting” by Maeve Roberts

Honourable Mentions Emerald are:
“Cotton Candy Sky” by Sukhi Patel, Age 9 and “Light Drops” by Emma Brownrigg, Age 9.

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Cotton Candy Sky” by Sukhi Patel

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Light Drops” by Emma Brownrigg

Honourable Mention Ruby: “Fairy Summer Camp” by Jane Kieffer, Age 11.

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Fairy Summer Camp” by Jane Kieffer




First place Emerald: “Purple Flower” by Marcella MacAulay, Age 9.

First Place Emerald – “Purple Flower” by Marcella MacAulay

Second place Emerald: “The Tree” by Jaelyn Richards, Age 8.

Second Place Emerald – “The Tree” by Jaelyn Richards

Third place Emerald: “Flower” by Sakura Scott, Age 8.

Third Place Emerald – “Flower” by Sakura Scott




First place Emerald: “Shell” by Hannah Gibson, Age 11.

First Place Emerald – “Shell” by Hannah Gibson

First place Diamond: “Purple Palooza” by Kate Patrick, Age 10.

First Place Diamond – “Purple Palooza” by Kate Patrick

Second place Emerald: “Fireweed” by Cyanna Ryan, Age 10.

Second Place Emerald – “Fireweed” by Cyanna Ryan

Honourable Mentions Emerald are:
“Berry On Leaves” by Dawson, Age 11, “Flower” by Hadley, Age 11, and “Untitled” by Nataya, Age 10.

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Berry On Leaves” by Dawson

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Flower” by Hadley

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Untitled” by Nataya



Summer Camp Bondar Challenge Winners.

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