Winners 2017
Ronald McDonald House, BC
Summer Bondar Challenge


The following are Winners of the 2017 Ronald McDonald House, BC Summer Bondar Challenge. These images may be chosen to travel with The Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience to a community hosting the Exhibition in 2018.

Congratulations to all participants. Please click on a photo to see enlarged view.


Emerald Category — entry level or beginner:

The First Place Emerald category is “Princess Pink” by Gabriella Gingras, Age 5.

First Place  –

First Place – “Princess Pink” by Gabriella Gingras

The Second Place Emerald category is “The Ladybug” by Judah Anderson, Age 4.

Second Place –

Second Place – “The Ladybug” by Judah Anderson

The Third Place Emerald category is “Hard At Work” by Teslyn Edwards, Age 12.

Third Place –

Third Place – “Hard At Work” by Teslyn Edwards


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