Winners 2016
Summer Camp Bondar Challenge


The following are the Winners of the Bondar Challenge program held at summer camps across Canada in 2016. These images may be featured in the Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience at selected venues in Canada and internationally.

Congratulations to all participants. Please click on a photo to see enlarged view.

These categories reflect the degree of difficulty in completing one of the four levels of the Bondar Challenge.


Emerald Levelentry level or beginner

First place: Lonely Pile of Clams by Alana Perry (Age 13, Camp Elphinstone)

First Place Emerald – “Lonely Pile of Clams” by Alana Perry

Second place: Mussel Soup by Canios Bantussek (Age 13, Camp Elphinstone)

Second Place Emerald – “Mussel Soup” by Canios Bantussek

Third place tie:
Glowing Water Lily by Megan Buchanan (Age 13, Camp Adelaide)

Third Place Emerald – “Glowing Water Lily” by Megan Buchanan

Daddy Long Legs by Olivia Milley (Age 12, Camp Woolsey)

Third Place Emerald – “Daddy Long Legs” by Olivia Milley

Honourable Mentions:
A View of a Flower by Alexa May (Age 10, Camp Tamarack)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “A View of a Flower” by Alexa May

“Don’t eat these berries!” by Emilia Dyksterhuis (Age 10, Camp Sagitawa)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Don’t eat these berries!” by Emilia Dyksterhuis

Sun Shine by Emma Brownrigg (Age 8, Camp Tanamakoon)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Sun Shine” by Emma Brownrigg

Worm Leaf by Kianna Jondreau (Age 8, Camp Tamarack)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Worm Leaf” by Kianna Jondreau

Flower By the Beach by Laime Leth-Steen Sun (Age 12, Frontier Trails)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Flower By the Beach” by Laime Leth-Steen Sun

Not Yet by London Wyness (Age 7, Camp Sagitawa)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Not Yet” by London Wyness

Bird by Megan Turvey (Age 12, Glen Bernard)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Bird” by Megan Turvey

Chippy by Michelle Drapeau (Age 15, Camp Woolsey)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Chippy” by Michelle Drapeau

Nature’s Gift by Morgan Sewell (Age 11, Camp Centennial)

A Beautiful Clover by Shaun Rumleski (Age 11, Camp Tamarack)

Sweet Honey Suckle by Soren Engel (Age 12, Camp Kanannaq)

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Sweet Honey Suckle” by Soren Engel


Ruby Level

First place: Wings On a Petal by Sasha Steiner Age 12, Camp Tanamakoon)

First Place Ruby – “Wings On a Petal” by Sasha Steiner

Second place: Dragon Fly by Kate Gibson (Age 14, Centauri Arts Camp)

Second Place Ruby – “Dragon Fly” by Kate Gibson

Third place ties:
Pinecones by Chloe Bernier (Age 14, Centauri Arts Camp)

Third Place Ruby – “Pinecones” by Chloe Bernier

Grasslands by Emily Jones (Age 12, Camp Woolsey)

Third Place Ruby – “Grasslands” by Emily Jones

Lily Pad Glory by Greta Schatzker (Age 9, Camp Tanamakoon)

Third Place Ruby – “Lily Pad Glory” by Greta Schatzker

Honourable Mentions:
untitled by Ethan Donkersley (Age 13, Camp Sagitawa)

Honourable Mention Ruby – “untitled” by Ethan Donkersley

The Natural Maze by Paige Davis (Age 11, Camp Sagitawa)

Honourable Mention Ruby – “The Natural Maze” by Paige Davis

Trees Skin by Piper Regner (Age 12, Camp Tamarack)

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Trees Skin” by Piper Regner

Lily Phily by Rowyn Soloy (Age 10, Camp Tanamakoon)

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Lily Phily” by Rowyn Soloy

Surprised Bird by Sofia Landa (Age 13, Camp Wenonah)

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Surprised Bird” by Sofia Landa

Focus by Sophie Chen (Age 13, Centauri Arts Camp)

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Focus” by Sophie Chen


Sapphire Level

First place: Dragon Fly by Sion Winsor (Age 13, Camp Tapawingo)

First Place Sapphire – “Dragon Fly” by Sion Winsor

Second place: Off The Noel by Meagan Peck (Age 12, Camp Tapawingo)

Second Place Sapphire – “Off The Noel” by Meagan Peck

Third place tie:
Into The Clear by Katherine McCallum (Age 13, Camp Tanamakoon)

Third Place Sapphire – “Into The Clear” by Katherine McCallum

Frog In The Pond by Laura Keyworth (Age 14, Camp Tanamakoon)

Third Place Sapphire – “Frog In The Pond” by Laura Keyworth

Honourable Mentions:
Kayla The Flower by Demeris Gladue (Age 13, Camp Tamarack)

Honourable Mention Sapphire – “Kayla The Flower” by Demeris Gladue

Mush Mush Mush by Emma Roberts (Age 15, Camp Woolsey)

Honourable Mention Sapphire – “Mush Mush Mush” by Emma Roberts


Diamond Level most experienced, most difficult

First place: Chip Log by Ashlyn Hughes (Age 16, Camp Tapawingo)

First Place Diamond – “Chip Log” by Ashlyn Hughes

Second place: Dragon Fly Eating a Damselfly by Nathan Ouedraogo (Age 13, Centauri Arts Camp)

Second Place Diamond – “Dragon Fly Eating a Damselfly” by Nathan Ouedraogo

Third place: Touch the Sky by Kyra Papineau (Age12, Camp Woolsey)

Third Place Diamond – “Touch the Sky” by Kyra Papineau

Honourable Mentions:
untitled by Raya Prandle (Age 12, Strathcona Wilderness Ctr)

Honourable Mention Diamond – “untitled” by Raya Prandle

Three Friends by Tekla Petit (Age 13, Camp Woolsey)

Honourable Mention Diamond – “Three Friends” by Tekla Petit



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