Winners 2016
Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, Bug Quest, Summer Camp Bondar Challenge


In 2016, The Roberta Bondar Foundation collaborated with the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory to host a unique exhibition where Dr. Roberta Bondar’s fine art photography was on display to the Cambridge community and surrounding area.

The Foundation was pleased to work alongside the Cambridge Butterfly Conservation, a privately owned Canadian corporation that shares the same passion for community, art, education, and research.

In addition to the exhibition, the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory hosts a summer day camp called Bug Quest, whose campers participated in the 2016 Summer Camp Bondar Challenge program. This was an exciting opportunity to have the Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience and Summer Camp Bondar Challenge take place simultaneously.

The following are the Winners of the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory– Bug Quest, 2016 Summer Camp Bondar Challenge. These images may be chosen to travel with The Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience to a community hosting the exhibition.

Congratulations to all participants. Please click on a photo to see enlarged view.


Emerald Levelentry level or beginner

First place: Mantis by Justin Malott

First Place Emerald – “Mantis” by Justin Malott

Runner Up: Orange Butterfly by Noah Querin

Runner Up Emerald – “Orange Butterfly” by Noah Querin

Honourable Mentions:
Flower by Lucas Deverell

Honourable Mention Emerald – “Flower” by Lucas Deverell

untitled by Miguel Gonzalez

Honourable Mention Emerald – “untitled” by Miguel Gonzalez

The Perfect Flower by Trenton Querin

Honourable Mention Emerald – “The Perfect Flower” by Trenton Querin


Ruby Level

First place: Sun Tanning by Samuel Johnson

First Place Ruby – “Sun Tanning” by Samuel Johnson

Runner Up: Light In The Dark by Malachi Wolters

Runner Up Ruby – “Light In The Dark” by Malachi Wolters

Honourable Mentions:
Rainbow Flower by Daniela French

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Rainbow Flower” by Daniela French

Rock And Quail by Nicholas McKellar

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Rock And Quail” by Nicholas McKellar

Camouflage by Tabitha Fischbach

Honourable Mention Ruby – “Camouflage” by Tabitha Fischbach


Sapphire Level

First place: Mythical Mantis by Damian Kudsia

First Place Sapphire – “Mythical Mantis” by Damian Kudsia

Runner Up: Bee Drink From Beautiful Flower by Matthew Johnson

Runner Up Sapphire – “Bee Drink From Beautiful Flower” by Matthew Johnson

Honourable Mention: Flower Forest by Bruce Munro

Honourable Mention Sapphire – “Flower Forest” by Bruce Munro



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