New Replaces Old


Name of photographer: Karter
Title: New Replaces Old
School: J.J. O’Neill Catholic School
Weather: cloudy
Location: The Fairgrounds Napanee
Ecozone: Mixedwood Plains
Main Type of Biome: Forest/Field

I took my photo because the new plants look like they are replacing the old. In my photo the new plants are growing up out of the old leaves. The old leaves will compost and turn into soil. That soil can be used to grow new plants- like the ones in my photo.

I like the pattern because it goes brown, green, brown, green. Green is my favourite colour too. The green looks really bright against the dark background.

I used macro to take my photo because I wanted to focus on the forest floor and any creatures there. I really like my picture the way it is, but it might be interesting to focus in on a smaller section.

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