Forest Flower

Name of photographer: Blake
Title: Forest Flower
School: J.J. O’Neill Catholic School
Weather: partly cloudy
Location: Peace Garden
Ecozone: Mixedwood Plains
Main Type of Biome: Forest/Field
Camera: Fujifilm Finepix, handheld
Lens: Normal
Camera Setting: Macro

I like how the Queen Anne’s Lace seems to pop out in this picture. The background has a bunch of twigs and other Queen Anne’s Lace, but I tried to focus in on just one. I chose to use macro so I could get up close and get a good shot of it blowing. I tried to use the rule of thirds to place my flower in the best spot.

I really like how the seeds are attached to the plant, so when the wind blows the seeds will drop and make more Queen Anne’s Lace. In the summer the flower is all white, but now it is dried out. It is too cold for the flower to be in bloom.
If I could change something I would move it over, so that the flower is more off to the side. My focal point would still be the Queen Anne’s Lace, but I think it would be more interesting to see a bit of the background- like two pictures at once.

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