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Imagine circling our Earth – 129 times. Roberta Bondar did just that in January 1992. You can join  Dr. Bondar, the first female Canadian astronaut on January 22, 2022 to help celebrate the anniversary of her amazing, historic journey. We’re inviting your company or organization to sponsor this exclusive opportunity to recognize a Canadian icon.

Dr. Bondar was the world’s first neurologist in space and crew member on NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery. Over the eight day spaceflight, dozens of experiments were conducted in the First International Microgravity Laboratory (IML-1) on board, 24/7. This pressurized Spacelab module, the precursor to the International Space Station, contained computers, work areas and instrument racks to conduct microgravity research aimed to help future astronauts survive longer flights and to improve the treatment of many human diseases here on Earth.

We are cordially inviting your company to support the 30th anniversary of Dr. Bondar’s spaceflight and to celebrate her achievements as an astronaut, environmentalist, photographer, medical doctor, scientist and role model across all genders, races and ages. Join with her virtual guests who are celebrating this milestone in Canadian history on the 22nd , including friends Anne Murray, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Hayley Wickenheiser, Michael Serapio and Susan Aglukark.

As a sponsor, you can invite your company’s guests and employees to speak with Roberta in advance of the online public event. We have outlined the marketing advantages and benefits of associating your firm with Dr. Roberta Bondar in the chart that follows. Mutually beneficial arrangements can be made to accommodate select promotional requirements.

Don’t miss this unique occasion to meet one of the country’s most respected scientists and environmentalists. All proceeds will support the Roberta Bondar Foundation’s charitable programming.

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