The Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge



We are mighty Kenora and a natural attraction so stunning that two provincial governments once wrangled for over a decade to claim us as their own! K-town — where, yearly, we welcome visitors in numbers that swell our own population to 6 x its size!

Where we are building forward with our indigenous partners to become active stewards of our Lake of the Woods.

Is there one natural outdoor element that you hope would still be here for our Lake of the Woods home and its visitors 150 years from now? Think you could capture that special scene or animal or plant in a photograph to show others what you’d like them to see?

That’s the Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge.

For us, the trick will be to choose that one something special to each of us… since our Lake of the Woods has over 14,500 islands, over 104,600 km (65,000 mi) of shoreline, and who knows how many different species of animal or plant life!

We’re on!


Submit your photo and short description along with your name, (school and grade if applicable) and city to:

Cameras are available on loan to groups. Please contact: Tourism Kenora, 807-467-4637, email

Submission must be received by October 31st, 2017


Here are some of our submitted photos with personal statements about their importance to the photographers:

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