What’s the Latest at The Roberta Bondar Foundation?


A sample of media articles about The Roberta Bondar Foundation, its educational programs and activities along with some of Dr Bondar’s public appearances that reference The Foundation:


Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, June 12, 2017

The Cape Breton Post —
First neurologist in space, Dr. Roberta Bondar, will receive an honorary CBU doctorate of letters “for her pioneering contribution to space medicine research during a special convocation ceremony at the Alexander Graham Bell Museum ”


Toronto, Ontario, June 18, 2017

Sunday, June 18: Luminato 2017 Performance of the National Arts Centre Orchestra’s celebrated Life Reflected , Life Reflected at LUMINATO 2017, Toronto ONdirector and creative producer Donna Feore’s merge of storytelling, original compositions, and immersive multimeda to reflect four legendary Canadian women: anti-bullying advocate Amanda Todd (My Name is Amanda Todd), writer Alice Munro (Dear Life), astronaut Roberta Bondar (Bondarsphere) and poet Rita Joe (I Lost My Talk).

For date and performance details, articles, video links


Baddeck, Nova Scotia July 9, 2017

First woman in space among those honouring Mabel Bell this summer

Cape Breton Post:
This year marks 110 years since the formation of the Aerial Experiment Association by Mabel Bell – the first woman in the world to fund, form and manage an aviation company.

From July to September in Lunenburg and Baddeck, the Silver Dart anniversary committee along with Canada’s first woman in space Dr. Roberta Bondar will present a series of events in several venues, for a variety of ages to help celebrate Nova Scotia’s significant achievements in the areas of history, arts, science and technology.


Sarnia, Ontario, May 30, 2017

Cathy Dobson, The Sarnia Journal, reports that Dr. Bondar, keynote speaker at an Enbridge Famous 5 event (Sarnia), spoke of her concerns about the planet’s finite resources, offering advice and encouragement to students in the audience, saying We harm the environment at our peril.

The Enbridge Famous 5 speaker series pays homage to five Albertan women, all activists in the early-mid 20th century who championed the rights and welfare of women and children.


Sudbury, Ontario, May 24, 2017


(SUDBURY, ON) — A unique, new travelling exhibition, Light in the Land ~ the Nature of Canada, opens today at Science North. The exhibition, designed by The Roberta Bondar Foundation, has been curated to honour the 25th anniversary of Dr. Bondar’s space mission. It features 14 oversized fine art photographs of the Canadian landscape from sea to sea to sea.



Woodstock, Ontario

Michael Harding, InnovationOxford, leads Roberta into motivations and memories from her childhood through her education, summer jobs, and years of diverse training to her present in this 25th Anniversary commemoration of her flight aboard the First International Microgravity Laboratory.

In taking Dr. Bondar through her professional life, Harding manages to re-view and reveal uncommon, special, meaningful moments from those 25 years to catch up on her subsequent and continuing achievements.


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, April 25, 2017

The Sault Ste. Marie Science Festival that kicked off Monday, April 24th sparks an interest in science among all age groups and creates an opportunity to celebrate science. Dr. Roberta Bondar, a former Science Fair winner herself when a 9th grade student, made her way around the exhibits stopping to speak with participants and to ask questions about their interests.

For more of this event and Dr. Bondar’s visit, see


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, April 24, 2017

>Science North and The Roberta Bondar Foundation have formed a new partnership to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s historic space travel with Earth Matters, a multi-city series of guest appearances throughout Northern Ontario focused on the trailblazing astronaut’s love for this planet.

The inspirational seven-stop series, which kicks off on April 25 at the Sault. Ste. Marie Science Festival in Dr. Bondar’s hometown, is part of Ontario’s 150th anniversary celebrations. The initiative also incorporates the photography-based Ontario150 Bondar Challenge.

“My view from the spacecraft Discovery 25 years ago forever changed my view of Earth, and it was on that flight that I committed to protect this magnificent planet,” says Dr. Bondar, whose Foundation is committed to connecting people to nature through photography in order to promote good health and protect the planet.

Dr. Bondar is not only Canada’s first woman and world’s first neurologist in space, she is also an award-winning photographer, who photographed each of Canada’s National Parks for the book Passionate Vision – Discovering Canada’s National Parks. She will illustrate her talks on how her unique perspective from space made her appreciate Earth using many of her fine art images and videos… TO CONTINUE


TVOntario, February 15, 2017

TVO’s multimedia journalist and current affairs host, Nam Kiwanuka talks with Dr Roberta Bondar about space flight aboard the First International Microgravity Laboratory and how it impacts Dr Bondar’s view of life on Earth.

Their conversation covers a diverse range of topics — science, creativity, professional landscape and nature photography, and The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s environmental awareness and education programs. Kiwanuka guides Dr Bondar through milestones, motivations, microgravity, and medicine. Quick-paced. Informative. Fun.



Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock, ON, February 18, 2017

The Woodstock Art Gallery presents Windows onto the Wild from Saturday February 18 until Friday June 30. This is a customized and carefully curated Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience [TELE] from The Roberta Bondar Foundation.

Opening Reception includes a “Walk and Talk” with Dr Bondar to help launch Windows onto the Wild — all part of The Gallery’s and Dr Bondar’s co-mission to encourage, through art, an appreciation and better understanding of the natural environment.

Main Gallery Second Floor



Feb 9, 2017
Heather Rivers, Woodstock Sentinel-Review
Windows onto the Wild will open on Feb 18 at the Woodstock Art Gallery

Sep 14, 2015
Bruce Urquhart, Postmedia Network
Woodstock Art Gallery hosting photography exhibition by former astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar in February 2017



The Senate of Canada, Ottawa, January 31, 2017

>Senator, The Honourable Patricia Bovey joined parliamentarians in paying tribute to Dr. Roberta Bondar on the 25th anniversary of her flight, working in the precursor of the International Space Station.

In her statement, Senator Bovey described Bondar’s commitment to championing the environment and its species, her efforts to capture and share its images, and her engagement initiatives with audiences and youth.



Global Television, Making A Difference, January 31, 2017

Global News Broadcast Journalist Susan Hay sits down with Dr. Roberta Bondar to discuss Life and Legacy and how the world’s first neurologist in space is Making a Difference.

Global Journalist Susan Hay with Dr Roberta Bondar



From: The Hon Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science
From: Global News, Chief Political Correspondent David Akin / Reply From: The Hon Marc Garneau


From: Seamus O’Regan, MP St. John’s South-Mount Pearl


Ottawa, House of Commons, January 31, 2017

Terry Sheehan, MP, Sault Ste Marie, pays tribute to Dr Roberta Bondar in the House of Commons.

[Feature article from]

Hon Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, Dr Roberta Bondar, Terry Sheehan, MP, and Robert Oliphant, MP



Ottawa, House of Commons, January 31, 2017

Robert Oliphant, MP, Don Valley West, salutes Dr Roberta Bondar in the House of Commons… and declares a surprise Sault connection…



Queen’s Park, Toronto, January 30, 2017

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne sent congratulations to Dr Roberta Bondar on the 25th anniversary of Dr Bondar’s flight aboard Space Shuttle Discovery‘s historic mission.

The Premier also commended Dr Bondar’s contributions and commitment to the community, to civic service, and to raising awareness of our relationship with the natural world and the importance of environmental sustainability through The Roberta Bondar Foundation.



Globe and Mail, January 28, 2017

Getting perspective on rising above from (who else?) an astronaut by Elizabeth Renzetti

>Renzetti interviews Dr Roberta Bondar and reveals some of Bondar’s perspective on our planet, the effects of space flight on human health, and her commitment to reconnecting people to their natural environment.

Dr Bondar pictured here with IML-1 pilot Steve Oswald trans-cranial Doppler investigation. [NASA]


CBC, The National, January 24, 2017

As a lead into Canada’s 150th birthday, Reg Sherren, a CBC feature journalist, follows Dr Roberta Bondar into Toronto’s Parkdale Jr and Sr school.An effervescent storyteller, Sherren weaves fun, fact, and philosophy in The Next Canada a thoughtful vignette about Bondar’s values, salient background, defining moments, and present path.

He checks out Dr Bondar as she takes him into one of her Foundation’s programs, The Bondar Challenge. The finale captures the mutual excitement and joy of Parkdale youth who have taken the challenge to reflect the world around them through the camera lens and become inspired by their environment. They are “The Next Canada” taking inspiration from Dr Bondar.



Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, January 21, 2017

CBC News Chief Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge engaged Dr Roberta Bondar in his weekly Mansbridge One On One to talk about the 25th anniversary of her space flight aboard Discovery… Their half hour of conversation recalled both the flight and her work aboard the First International Microgravity Laboratory and how its experience has touched her life. They discussed her present activities in professional landscape photography and some of the motivation for her Foundation’s environmental awareness and education programs.

Mansbridge surprised Bondar with guests who each asked her opinion on different issues related to space and exploration. And more!



Toronto ON, January 19, 2017

>Kevin Bissett, The Canadian Press, speaks with Dr Roberta Bondar as she recalls the nerves, thrills of becoming Canada’s first woman in space.

As world’s first neurologist in space, Bondar discusses the pressures she felt working on experiments that dozens of scientists from X countries had spent years preparing & which would be executed in Spacelab in a fraction of a week.

And, however exciting the time in space, how that, too, was a fraction of her Life, a work in progress that continues to evolve.


Sault Ste Marie ON, January 9, 2017

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, January 19, 2017 – The Mayor of Sault Ste Marie read his proclamation before City Council and public online feed declaring January 22 -30, 2017 as Dr. Roberta Bondar Days. The Dr. Roberta Bondar Days are one of the City’s key initiatives to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

The choice of January dates is a special silver anniversary tribute to Dr. Bondar’s January flight aboard Discovery on NASA’s historic First International Microgravity Laboratory [IML-1], STS-42 mission.

At Mayor Provenzano’s invitation, Dr. Bondar will join him on Canada Day as the City’s Honorary Ambassador to preside over its 150th Anniversary of Canada Day Celebrations in Roberta Bondar Park.


Jan 9, 2017

from Sault
Roberta Bondar selected as Sault’s Canada 150 ambassador

Sault Ste. Marie launches into Canada 150 Celebrations

Are you ready for January 22?

Canada 150 celebrations launched



Parkdale Public School, Toronto ON, November 2016

Parkdale Public School's Vy Nguyen and Fairooz Zamaluddin, two of the latest School-Based Bondar Challenge winners Congratulations to the latest School-Based Bondar Challenge award winners! Students of Parkdale Public School, Vy Nguyen and Fairooz Zamaluddin hold their winning photographs, each professionally developed and framed as part of their award packages.

See ALL winning School-Based Bondar Challenge images!



Peterborough ON, November 16, 2016

As the keynote speaker, our foundation President, Dr. Roberta Bondar spoke to the audience at Peterborough’s Philanthropy Forum.



Fellows Journal. The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Fall 2016

Professor John Warkentin, Dr. Roberta Bondar, and John Geiger, CEO, RCGS

Professor John Warkentin, Dr. Roberta Bondar, and John Geiger, CEO, RCGS



Sault Ste Marie ON, November 1, 2016


Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, November 1, 2016 – The Royal Canadian Mint officially unveilled a silver collector coin celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s Space Shuttle Mission at Sault College before a crowd of local dignitaries and well-wishers.

#BondarCoin Unveil !

Royal Canadian Mint President Sandra Harrington + Dr. Roberta Bondar

Royal Canadian Mint unveils an out-of-this-world silver coin to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s Historic Space Shuttle Mission



Nov 4, 2016

from Bob McDonald – CBC News:
Astronaut Roberta Bondar shows us that space and conservation are 2 sides of the same coin Canadian Mint pays tribute to Bondar’s work in space and on Earth

Nov 2, 2016

from CollectSpace:
Canada’s first woman in space, astronaut Roberta Bondar, honored with coin

Nov 1, 2016

from The Roberta Bondar Foundation:
Some of The Roberta Bondar Foundation coverage of the launch Photos and other memories

Detail, description and order information

Commemorative #BondarCoin as it rotates and glows!

A Tribute to Canada’s 1st Female Astronaut to Enter Space Well-rounded feature with several and themed responses around Dr. Bondar and the STS-42 story. Captures look of surprise & delight on face of audience.

Star Struck. Dr. Roberta Bondar ‘Out of this World’ Silver Coin Revealed Includes candid photos of Bondar with delighted Sault supporters

First of its kind coin honours Bondar; astronaut says Sault will always be home. Bondar calls friends, family her ‘stars’

Historic space mission a quarter century ago

25 years after Discovery mission, mint issues Roberta Bondar coin



Toronto ON, October 13, 2016

Prof Bonnie M Patterson receives David C Smith Award

Prof Bonnie M. Patterson C.M. O.Ont MLS LL.D ICD.D was honoured by The Council of Ontario Universities [COU] with its David C Smith Award
for her longstanding commitment to Ontario Universities, passionate advocacy on behalf of students and outstanding contributions to the development of innovative policy in teaching and research in higher education.

For more about this 2016 David C. Smith Award to our trailblazing, trendsetting Board Chair!



Toronto ON, September 21, 2016

#TakingCareOfEarth #BondarBash poster

Taking Care of Earth, Taking Care of Us — Perspectives from Dr. Bondar

Join us in a celebration of Dr. Roberta Bondar, and The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s work to promote a healthy planet and healthy lives.

#BondarBash #TakingCareOfEarth

STORYS Building – 11 Duncan Street, Toronto, ON M5H 3G6

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT)

Check it out! Join us!

Doors open at 7 p.m., and Dr. Bondar takes the floor at 8 p.m.



Orillia ON, June 4, 2016

Prof Bonnie M Patterson receives an Honorary Doctor of Commerce at Lakehead University (Orillia) Convocation

Lakehead University, Orillia Campus

Professor Bonnie M Patterson, C.M.O. Ont. B.A. M.L.S. ICD.D, receives an Honorary Doctor of Commerce at Convocation. She also delivers the Convocation Address — a “Get a GRIPP!” [Gratitude, Relationships, Integrity, Passions, and Patience]”

Patterson, The Roberta Bondar Foundation Board Chair, is recognized as a champion of higher education and a role model for women in leadership. She was the first woman Dean of Business in Canada, the first woman President of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU), the first woman President & Vice-Chancellor of Trent University, and, while President at Trent, she was the first woman to Chair the Board of Universities Canada (then known as the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada).

Throughout her career, Bonnie has spearheaded several international education initiatives including working with the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) as an International Expert to develop a composite model for benchmarking university sustainability.

Lakehead University Orillia celebrates its Class of 2016



Cambridge ON, May 4th to October 31 2016

Don’t miss The Foundation’s special selection of fine art prints from the TELE + new works + Bondar Challenge youth winners = Landscapes of Biodiversity now playing at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory!

A beautiful venue. Unique animal galleries. A remarkable conservatory.

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory 2500 Kossuth Road
Cambridge, Ontario, N3H 4R7

RBF TELE: Landscapes of Biodiversity



Ottawa, May 19, 2016

Life Reflected poster

Life Reflected — National Arts Centre

A collection of powerful stories inspired by life experiences of four exceptional Canadian women — Alice Munro, Amanda Todd, Roberta Bondar and Rita Joe.

The stories are told in a sensory immersion of multidisciplinary composition — music, film, dance, photography.

Life Reflected is what we at The Roberta Bondar Foundation call a Fusion Adventure — collaborations that merge the science in Arts + the art in Sciences. You can catch some of our Fusion Adventures here.

Review: NACO’s Life Reflected shares a universal message of hope



Ottawa Ontario, April 27, 2016:

The Dr. Roberta Bondar Career Development Program was announced at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Canadian Women in Communications and Technology [WCT] organization. Ron Parker, President of Shared Services Canada, and Kelly Gillis, Associate Deputy Minister, Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada made the announcement.

Dr. Bondar joined the WCT gathering to help with the formal launch of this new intensive internship program.

The WCT has long committed to sponsoring women as leaders and contributors to Canada’s economy based on science, technology and the digital transformation of all industries and has designed the Dr. Roberta Bondar Career Development Program to help its participants succeed and achieve remarkable things – to truly take their careers Faster Further and Higher.

We are proud our president was chosen as both namesake and symbol of all qualities that WCT hopes to identify and foster through this program – women of wide-ranging curiosity, dedication and tenacity – women who inspire present and future generations to literally shoot for the stars.

Space pioneer helping young women find career launchpad



Ryerson University, March 2016:

In March 2016, Dr Bondar visited Ryerson University to speak to students in the Faculty of Science about the possibilities of where their Science degree can lead them after graduation — The Science of Success. Aside from her successful academic career, Dr Bondar is the first neurologist in space. From her unique professional path, Dr Bondar shared insights and suggestions about how knowledge from Science degree programs opens up limitless career paths for Science graduates.

Ask The Big Questions



Our Foundation leader says, “You’re never too young to keep your heart smart!”

Dr. Roberta Bondar, 2016 Honorary Chair, The Heart and Stroke Foundation Heart Month


University of Saskatchewan, February 4, 2016:

Scientist, physician, and world’s first neurologist in space, Dr Roberta Bondar speaks about how some physiological issues of long-term space flight would benefit from life studies in manned lunar missions.



We are proud our President and co-founder is featured in Canadian Geographic‘s great list of modern-day trailblazing Canadian Explorers.

Through its programs, The Roberta Bondar Foundation is committed to encouraging participants to explore, record, and discuss new views of their natural environment.

Taking Care of Earth. Taking Care of Us.



A TELE, one of our customized and carefully curated Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experiences, is heading to the Woodstock Art Gallery in February 2017! As with each TELE, The Roberta Bondar Foundation and the host centre get into some heavy planning to make the TELE as vital an experience as possible for its visitors. The plan? To make Fusions of Art and Science dance in their heads!
Read on: In the Woodstock Sentinel Review.

Stay tuned!



Michigan State University, November 2015:

In November 2015, Dr Bondar visited Michigan State University’s Geography Awareness Week to deliver both classroom and large group lectures. She covered topics in Earth Patterns From Afar that ranged from the role of remote sensing to the readiness of human beings to make their first Mars visit.

Human connections with Earth: How one woman links geography, outer space, sustainability, and the human mind

WKAR Greening of the Great Lakes host Kirk Heinze interviews Dr Bondar

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Earth Patterns From Afar; a challenging perspective

For the 2015 GeoWeek at Michigan State University's Dept of Geography, The Roberta Bondar Foundation delivered a special interaction with students in Remote Sensing then a large group lecture Earth Patterns From Afar; a challenging perspective. A packed schedule in Spartan Nation!   Photos: Rajiv Paudel



September 2015, Jonna Brewer, host of CBC Moncton’s Information Morning, speaks with Dr Bondar about The Roberta Bondar Foundation and its mission.


Read Kingston Whig-Standard reporter/photographer Julia McKay’s feature on two 2014 School-Based BondarChallenge winners, their teacher and school — Napanee students get the picture
The students’ winning images are presently featured with The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s new exhibition Savannah Survivors at Toronto’s First Canadian Place.


Wednesday April 15, 2015, First Canadian Place hosted Dr. Roberta Bondar’s Savannah Survivors exhibition, her public lecture sponsored by BMO, & the exhibition’s opening reception in the FCP Gallery.

To celebrate Earth Month, The Roberta Bondar Foundation presents a unique exploration of the shrinking African Savannah through fine art photography. With extraordinary images from The Foundation’s biome collection, 26 large fine art prints connect the viewer to the extraordinary and poignant savannah life as it lives in its natural environment. Highlights include “secretaries” who eat snakes for breakfast and savannah survivors who will eat your lunch.

The exhibition runs April 1- May 29, 2015 and forms part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.


Savannah Survivor press release
The Roberta Bondar Foundation brings a new exhibition — Savannah Survivors to Toronto’s First Canadian Place gallery from Apr 1 until May 29, 2015.


The Roberta Bondar Foundation now partners with Wood Buffalo NP on Whooping Crane education and will continue to update our field work news on Grus americana, the North American Whooping Crane, from this Whooper Link.


A selection of The Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience collection appears in the Dreams & Realities—Human Sensitivity of Place in which Dr. Bondar’s large scale Earth landscape photographs join Carole Sabiston’s exploration of environmental concerns through textile assemblage — both artists inspired by the same childhood view of Sputnik!


Dr. Bondar joined fellow Dark Sky enthusiasts in the intense and event-packed 5-day Wood Buffalo National Park Dark Skies Festival!

Roberta Bondar with the young robot building engineers. Photo: Dali Carmichael

Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar, centre, judges the first ever Dark Sky Festival robot building challenge. Bondar was looking for robots that were aesthetically pleasing and could completed a series of tasks. She is seen here with the young engineers.
Photo: Dali Carmichael


Roberta Bondar’s breathtaking photos on display at Telus Spark — Within the Landscape — Art Respecting Life.


Roberta Bondar on Photography, Finding Luck and Dangerous Sandstorms — “Astronaut, neurologist and adventurer Roberta Bondar’s travelling exhibit comes to Telus Spark”.


From January 24 to June 15 2014, Calgary’s TELUS Spark the new science centre hosts The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience on the theme of Biodiversity and Extinction: “Within the Landscape ~ Art Respecting Life”
The opening also coincided with the anniversary of Dr. Bondar’s flight aboard the First International Microgravity Laboratory, as the world’s first neurologist in space. Watch BT Calgary’s Tara Slone interview Dr. Roberta Bondar during this special January week.


On the Move in the Mara

KENYA  (August 19, 2013)

Dr. Roberta Bondar and trusty Nikon at work in Kenya's Masai Mara.

Dr. Roberta Bondar and trusty Nikon at work in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

Dr. Bondar, pictured here, enhanced The Foundation’s international programs and linkages during this year’s Kenya project. Representatives from The Foundation met with scientists from the Kenya Wildlife Services and with UNEP representatives in Nairobi to discuss areas of mutual interest. Additionally, they shared environmental learning materials developed for Kenyan students attending a number of schools, encouraging them to continue their studies. Dr. Bondar presented inspiring addresses to over 400 girls and their mentors while visiting Kenya. In partnership with The Hoopers Africa Trust, she participated as Honorary Patron with Hooper Trustees in a visit to monitor quality assurance and practices related to the Trust’s program in the Mara.

While in the country, Dr. Bondar continued capturing photographs on biodiversity using a Nikon D800  that will be added to the Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience.

– 30 –


Exciting New Partnership with Nikon Canada

Toronto, ON (August 16, 2013)

Our newest partner in The Foundation’s growing network of sponsors is Nikon Canada Inc. With their support we have been able to expand the national scope of the 2013 Summer Camp Bondar Challenge.

“The summer camp setting helps youth unplug for a few weeks and digital photography allows them to connect with nature in a meaningful way,” said Dr. Roberta Bondar. “We had a number of camps coast to coast where participants didn’t have access to digital cameras and Nikon’s support meant we could create a camera loan program. It made all the difference in reaching more than 4,000 youth this summer.”

This unique environmental photography program fuses photographic art with science. Capturing an image in a summer camp environment that relates to some aspect of biodiversity, participants interpret the artistic and scientific components of the photographs they have taken, challenging their imagination and creativity.

The Bondar Challenge creates an emotional bond between the natural world and the individual that will become part of the personal heritage of campers and leaders. It is a gateway to understanding, inquisitiveness and a desire to have a positive impact on our attitude and behaviours toward nature.

The Roberta Bondar Foundation thanks Mike Robertson and Nikon Canada for their leadership and support for youth who will make a difference to our future.

– 30 –


Dr. Roberta Bondar was the guest speaker at the 4-H Canada 100th Anniversary Gala held on May 30. As an astronaut, physician, scientist, photographer, author and, proud Aggie, Dr. Bondar presented her view from space to emphasize the importance of agricultural research and technology in being able to feed a growing planet with ever-decreasing arable land.


Four high school students from Paul William Kaeser High School, Fort Smith, NWT, were honoured for pictures they took during the Bondar Challenge, a photography program of The Roberta Bondar Foundation. The Challenge was offered at Sweetgrass Station in the Alberta section of Wood Buffalo National Park, the first national park to host the Roberta Bondar Challenge.
Here are the Winning Views of Nature.

Northern News Services Online 13-0603

Northern News Services Online 13-0603


May 28, 2013. Steve Anthony interview of Dr. Bondar about The Foundation on CP24.


Students attend the “Blast Off with Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar Philharmonic Concert” conducted by Boris Brott at Hamilton Place.


The Walrus Foundation convened nine prominent Torontonians — Midnight’s Children director Deepha Mehta, CBC’s Matt Galloway, chef Jamie Kennedy, and astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar among them — and gave them each seven minutes to talk about one aspect of “the art of the city.” Here are Dr. Roberta Bondar, Jamie Kennedy, and others discussing The Art of the City at the latest Walrus Talk.


From Sweetgrass Station, Wood Buffalo National Park, the Northern Journal reports Dr Roberta Bondar’s concentrated workshop in nature photography for wilderness campers from PW Kaeser High School, Fort Smith, preparing for the Bondar Challenge. Astronaut inspires students on environment during Sweetgrass trip


To encourage viewing the environment through a camera lens, Dr. Roberta Bondar took her Bondar Challenge to Wood Buffalo National Park’s Sweetgrass Station where she paid a surprise visit to a campout of NWT high school students. The Bondar Challenge comes to Sweetgrass!


The Medical Post features some of The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s education initiatives, including the Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience as well as the Bondar Challenge that is presently in pilot programs this summer. Developing a Passion for Nature.


Members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors travelled to Sault Ste. Marie to participate in one of the City’s 100th Anniversary celebrations. It was a special evening that paid tribute to Dr. Roberta Bondar on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of her space flight as the world’s first neurologist in space and Canada’s first woman astronaut. Foundation’s namesake honoured with special greetings from the Governor General Of Canada.


Sault-Sainte-Marie rend un nouvel hommage à Roberta Bondar, la première femme canadienne à voyager dans l’espace. Sault-Sainte-Marie rend un nouvel hommage.


In a commitment to their core business value of environmental stewardship, Union Gas donates to the educational programs of The Roberta Bondar Foundation. Union Gas gets on board.


Sault teens keep their eyes on their environment through their prizewinning camera lenses in a Bondar Challenge. Bondar’s foundation challenges students.


Brampton seventh graders tackle environmental science through photographic composition in their Bondar Challenge. Astronaut’s foundation launches local project.


In Our Planet; the magazine of the United Nations Environment Programme, the world’s first neurologist in space, Dr Roberta Bondar, describes how her new foundation aspires to achieve environmental learning through the art of photography. The Roberta Bondar Foundation aims in Our Planet Magazine.

    (Page 34-35)

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