Great Lakes from Space

Courtesy of NASA Earth Observation

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Roberta Bondar

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The Roberta Bondar Foundation responds to the recognized need within society to educate and improve knowledge of the environment in a way that stimulates interest, excitement, creativity, responsibility, and for some, the desire for study in this area.

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On June 30, 1908, a meteoroid airburst 6-10 km (4-6 mi) above Earth’s surface over Siberia created a downward atmospheric shockwave in an isolated area near the Tunguska River. The airburst levelled forest in a zone of some 2,150 km2 … Continue reading


Docked in Space

On June 29, 1995, the space shuttle Atlantis docked on the Russian microgravity research laboratory/space station Mir. This was the first U.S. Space Shuttle-Russian Space Station docking and joint on-orbit operation. Docked together, the two crafts formed the largest man-made … Continue reading