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Bruce Peninsula National Park of Canada

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The Roberta Bondar Foundation responds to the recognized need within society to educate and improve knowledge of the environment in a way that stimulates interest, excitement, creativity, responsibility, and for some, the desire for study in this area.

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Wapusk National Park of Canada

On April 24, 1996, Wapusk National Park, an area covering 11,475 km2 (4,430.5 mi2 ), became part of Canada’s National Parks system. Wapusk, “White Bear” in Cree, protects one of the world’s largest polar bear den areas. On the transition … Continue reading


Painting With a Cinematic Eye

On April 23, 1775, Joseph Mallord William Turner was born. English landscape painter and skilled architectural draughtsman, he produced sketches and paintings that capture historical images of landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes. Attracted to qualities of light, Turner studied its effects … Continue reading